First look at WWE The Best of Attitude Era figures

Mattel is going all out with these various sublines for the main Elite line. The latest is one we’ve heard about for a while — Best of the Attitude Era. I’m hoping this proves to finally be the avenue Mattel gets us the iconic Attitude Era Triple H. But with the first three figures, Mattel’s off to a great start.

I love the packaging of the line as it really captures the spirit of that time period with the spray paint and brick backdrop. I’d love if these came with inserts similar to the Wal-Mart Flashback series.

Naturally, first up is Stone Cold Steve Austin. This is the figure we saw in render form way back in Ringside Fest 2017. It looks like the cloth shirt has now been swapped for a plastic one. That’s a step down for me and will likely make Austin a pass.

wwe best of the attitude era stone cold steve austin figure

The Rock is in street clothes. The pants mold will likely make The Rock taller than his wrestling figures, but my collection has been missing a $5,000 shirt Rock figure so that’s a must get.

wwe best of the attitude era the rock figure

Maybe the prize figure is the Y2J from his earliest WWF days complete with goofy WCW hairdo. This is a classic Attitude Era Jericho although I still want a basic long haired head sculpt from this time period. All of the Attitude Era Jericho figures we’ve gotten so far have the stylized hair.

wwe best of the attitude era chris jericho figure

This line is rumored to be an Amazon exclusive so Mattel likely won’t be putting too much effort into new sculpts. But even with repaints and re-purposed pieces, there’s a lot of good possibilities from this line.

What do you think? Excited about these new reveals?

Photo Credit: WWE Figure Insider
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