Kick-Ass #1 review

Image Comics brings back one of its most popular series with an all-new Kick-Ass. Let’s see how it did.

Image Comics revisits an old classic with a new lead and storyline. Kick-Ass has been critically acclaimed and even has 2 movie adaptations, so it’s no surprise a comic reboot would be in the works. Issue #1 introduces readers to Patience Lee, a smart veteran thrown thru unfortunate circumstances when she returns from war to learn her husband has left her. Not only left with a family, a large stack of bills she can’t even begin to afford. Lucky for Patience, she just might have the skills to moonlight as a superhero.

Action packed and beautifully drawn as it is, the story behind this new hero is nothing new to veterans. Veterans risk life and limb for this country and yet come back home to little assistance from the country they swore to protect. This common story of American tragedy makes the perfect background for the new Kick-Ass.

Well written and easily approachable for fans new and old, Kick-Ass #1 is definitely worth a read. I look forward to seeing where Patience’s journey will lead. –Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10
Photo Credit: Image Comics