WWE Flashback Series Syxx figure review

After the big Hulk Hogan scandal, Mattel slammed the brakes on heavy n.W.o. inclusions into its main line. That’s led to a very slow trickle of n.W.o. figures. Last year we finally got a Razor Ramon and this year we’re finally able to check Syxx off the essential list with his arrival in the Wal-Mart exclusive WWE Flashback Series.

Syxx filled the very necessary role in the team as the undersized loudmouth who acted tough because he was never far from his buddies Hall, Kevin Nash and The Giant. While he didn’t stick around that long, Syxx was a key cog in the early and best days of the faction so I’m glad to finally add him to the shelf.

Package:  I really like this new packaging setup. The smaller box is much more space friendly and I like the color scheme. Granted, it’s a better color combination for the 80s and early 90s stars, but it still works. The side features a portrait of Syxx and the rear includes two factoids. I dig that feature the most.

wwe elite syxx figure review - package bio

At the bottom, there’s the rest of the lineup with yellow highlighting around Syxx and the Build A Set piece included.

wwe elite syxx figure review - wide pic

Likeness:  Mattel opted to reuse the DX X-Pac head. That fit X-Pac just fine, but was a bad choice for Syxx. During his n.W.o. phase, Syxx wasn’t always sticking his tongue out like a degenerate. With his buddies, Syxx tended to keep more of a straight face. Jakks made a perfect straight face head sculpt that I’m probably going to see if it fits as it would be more accurate even with the beard. It sits a little high, but with some work, this looks more like Syxx.

wwe elite syxx figure review - with jakks x-pac head

Head sculpt aside, the figure is pretty accurate to how Syxx looked in WCW minus the slimmer waist area. Mattel did include Syxx’s unique kneepads, which was an appreciated touch, though they did omit his elbow pads and his white wrist tape should be black. That’s a weird mistake, but fortunately an easily fixable one.

There is one difference from the X-Pac figure — the arms. Mattel went with the newer, swivel elbows. I didn’t notice any real problems with it and maybe it’s wishful thinking, but the arms look slightly smaller.


wwe elite syxx figure review - original wolfpac with kevin nash and scott hall

Scale:  Mattel nailed the scaling here as the 6’1” Syxx is shorter than the 6’8” Scott Hall and 6’10” Kevin Nash. He is also the same height as Ric Flair, which now really makes a late WCW era Ric Flair more of a priority.

wwe elite flashback series syxx figure review -scale with the giant, kevin nash and scott hall

Paint:  My old nemesis returns with the painted torso. Mattel really needs to match the flesh color with the arms better if they’re going to keep doing this bad looking technique. The detail work on Syxx’s tampos from Thug and 6 Pac are clean with none of the gold trim creeping into the red lettering and numbers. Oddly the teeth were more of an issue as both the figures I saw had problems with pink overspray from the tongue on them.

wwe elite syxx figure review - notorious tight detail

Syxx’s kickpads needed another coat of red paint as there’s some fading there.

wwe elite syxx figure review - kickpad paint

Articulation:  Syxx can handle most of his moves. I was worried that like most wrestlers that have an arm related submission hold, Syxx wouldn’t be able to apply the Buzzkill, but I pulled it off without much trouble.

wwe elite flashback series syxx figure review - buzzkiller to rey mysterio jr

And of course, all the leg lariats and Bronco Buster won’t be a problem.

wwe elite flashback series syxx figure review - posing

wwe elite flashback series syxx figure review - bronco buster to ric flair

Syxx has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double jointed)
  • ankle

wwe elite flashback series syxx figure review -world war 3 celebration with nash, giant and scott hall

Accessories:  Syxx got a good amount in this category. He has his 6 ball T-shirt in the plastic style. For Syxx, the cloth version would have looked a lot better as this adds unnecessary bulk. Syxx also has sunglasses, which fit poorly thanks to the hair and a white spray paint can.

Similar to the other figures in this wave, Syxx has the classic blue WWF backdrop which can double as an interview stage. This doesn’t make as much sense for a WCW star, but I appreciate it all the same.

wwe elite syxx figure review - accessories

Syxx has the backdrop for the Build-A-Summerslam set. That uses the same setup as the APA door from Elite 38. It’s not too wide so you’ll have to cut the frame tight, but you can have a mini pay per view set, which is pretty cool.

wwe elite syxx figure review - with cruiserweight title and scott hall

Worth it?  I found Syxx on sale for $18, which is cheaper than the normal $20 Elite price. He’s not a big a steal as the Mean Gene figure, but I’m always happy with sales on these figures.

wwe elite flashback series syxx figure review - the nwo

Rating: 8 out of 10

The lack of a unique head sculpt dings him down a bit and the plastic T-shirt is frustrating. Otherwise, this is a solid and welcome addition to the … N…W…O.


wwe elite flashback series syxx figure review - spray painting ric flair while outsiders cheer

Where to Get It?  The WWE Flashback line is a Wal-Mart exclusive. They’ve done a much better than normal job of stocking the series, but I’d still get them when you see them.  If you don’t want to track him down, grab Syxx from Amazon.com.