5 Black Panther Hot Toys figures we want ASAP

Hot Toys has been great about releasing at least the main character from every Marvel Studios films. It’s just the villains and interesting supporting characters that sometimes fail to make the figure cut. In part that’s because of nightmarish designs to make affordable for collectors.

Can you imagine the price tag of a Hot Toys Spider-Man: Homecoming Vulture? In other cases it’s just a missed opportunity. I know I’d be down for a Kurt Russell Hot Toys figure in his Ego likeness from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

But with Black Panther, Hot Toys has a unique opportunity to showcase what they do best — incredible likenesses and tremendously faithful screen accurate clothing — with one of Marvel’s most spectacular films.

Here’s the Top 5 picks for most deserving Hot Toys Black Panther figures. Spoilers follow so beware if you haven’t seen the film yet.

Erik Killmonger

erik killmonger

From the promo pictures of the Black Panther figure, it looks like a Killmonger figure is coming in his Black Panther attire, but that’s probably his least interesting outfit in the entire film. There’s the hipster museum look and the battle armor attire with the mask, but I like the ascension to the throne outfit with the robe and Panther necklace. I’m really interested in seeing how Hot Toys would handle the kill marks on his chest.

But much like Hot Toys did with all of Heath Ledger’s various attires from The Dark Knight, I think there’s a huge market for Killmonger’s outfits in figure form.


black panther okoye

The general of the Dora Milaje has one of the most intricate and amazing costume designs from the MCU. I’d love to see Hot Toys try their hands on this outfit with the armor plating, bead work and colors. Okoye would really stand out on any Hot Toys shelf and she’s got the added bonus of being a featured player in Avengers: Infinity War. And I’ve just reached the conclusion that I’m going to need every hero represented in Infinity War so let’s make that happen Hot Toys.



The fierce leader of the mountain tribe, the Jabari, comes real close to being the film’s scene stealer. M’Baku has a great design with the ape fur combined with the armor. It’s one of the best comic to movie redesigns from the MCU yet. Like Okoye, M’Baku is appearing in Infinity War so it just makes sense for Hot Toys to knock out his figure in a Black Panther wave, right?


black panther movie review - nakia, t'challa and okoye episode 15

The only woman who can make T’Challa freeze likewise has a lot of cool looks in the film. While it might look a little too similar to Okoye’s outfit, her Dora costume is a great, battle ready costume. But for the sake of mixing it up a bit, maybe Hot Toys could go with her green casino dress?

black panther nakia and shuri


As much as I’d love to have a Hot Toys figure of the fantastic designs for Zuri and Ramonda, the final spot has to go to Shuri. Black Panther’s little sister might be younger, but she is a brilliant inventor and stole the show. Shuri also has a ton of great outfits. I’m going to have to go with her final outfit for the big fight as it incorporated the intricate face paint and a subtle shout out to her time as Black Panther with the sonic gauntlets.

What do you think? Which of these Black Panther characters would you definitely want to see made by Hot Toys?

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios