Toy Fair 2018: Official Marvel Legends promo pics

Oh boy has Hasbro conspired to make me broke in 2018. From the 10 Years of MCU figures to the latest X-Men Wave and the reveal of the Marvel Legends The Thing, Hasbro was all about winning Toy Fair 18.

No need to ramble on too long, let’s look at all the new upcoming figures.

Walgreens exclusives

Not only are we getting a Ben Grimm, but Silver Surfer is joining the Walgreens line. The Thing will come with two heads and I’m curious to see how that one looks. I like the dedicated sculpt work on the rocks, which looks great.


This wave looks outstanding with a welcome updated Elektra and Scarlet Spider as well as a much needed new Doctor Octopus.

Venom wave

X-Men wave BAF Apocalypse

10 Years of Marvel Studios

Official marvel legends MCU wasp


Deadpool Wave BAF Sauron


Photo Credit: Hasbro
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