Black Panther continues mauling box office with $235M over four days

Black Panther has become an unprecedented box office phenomenon. Over and over the box office predictions have been far too cautious. With the Sunday figures in, the Marvel Studios’ film came close to scratching out the all-time number.

The film brought in astonishing $60.1 million on Sunday. That’s just shy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which earned $60.6 million. That margin is so tight it might be adjusted to give Black Panther the all-time mark. Thanks to the President’s Day Holiday, Black Panther is expected to bring in another $33 million on Monday, but clearly it’d be silly to think that figure is a lock. It’s more than likely it will hit closer to $40 million.

On the traditional comic book movie front, Black Panther is just getting its coronation started. It’s now the No. 25 highest grossing out of over 100 comic book films. After Monday’s numbers are finalized, it could be just outside the Top 20.

Just four days in, it’s already at the No. 12 spot for the Marvel Cinematic Universe surpassing the entire gross of Doctor Strange, Thor: The Dark World, Thor, Ant-Man, Captain America: The First Avenger and The Incredible Hulk.  Worldwide, Black Panther is already at $387 million.


At this rate, Black Panther is shaping up to be an all-time box office force. It’s already soaring at a better rate than The Dark Knight, the seventh highest grossing domestic film with $533.3 million. The Christopher Nolan masterpiece earned $67 million its debut Friday followed by a steady impressive $47 million Saturday, $43 million Sunday and $24 million Monday. The Dark Knight took seven days to reach $238 million and provided Black Panther stays close to this pace, it stands a good chance of surpassing The Dark Knight on the all-time list.

Another comparison is Deadpool. Like Black Panther, it opened on President’s Day weekend and had a massive debut. It performed steadily with a $47 million Friday, $42 million on both Saturday and Sunday and $19 million on Monday. Black Panther is already far and away outpacing Deadpool, which ended its run with $363 million. That’s good enough for No. 40 on the all-time domestic charts. It’s hard to imagine Black Panther not at least surpassing that by a wide margin to become the sixth MCU film to make the Top 20.

Black Panther also benefits from a weak February field with no real threats to its box office crown until Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Sparrow and Bruce Willis’ Death Wish on March 2.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures