Hit-Girl Columbia #1 review

Hit-Girl Columbia #1 unleashes everyone’s favorite pint-sized terror on a new adventure that already looks very promising.

The premise for this series is pretty inspired. Mindy is still trying to find a new partner after original Kick-Ass Dave Lizewski retired. Mindy’s first attempt doesn’t turn out too well so she resorts to drastic measures with the most unlikely sidekick.

Writer Mark Millar comes up with a sensible explanation for Mindy’s actions adding a touch of Suicide Squad to the Kick-Ass universe. There’s a pretty funny sequence early on with one of Hit-Girl’s initial recruits and Millar quickly establishes a new set of bad guys ripe for the killing. As usual, Millar doesn’t hold back on the action sequences especially in once scene you’d never see in Suicide Squad.


Ricardo Lopez Ortiz’s artwork is a stark departure for Kick-Ass fans accustomed to John Romita Jr.’s work. But Ortiz has more of an animated style that actually plays better for the story. Ortiz’s pages have a great sense of energy and liveliness with a feeling of constant movement. That’s the ideal tone for Hit-Girl. There’s no need to take any of it seriously and Ortiz handles it with a kind of maniacal wink to the reader as if to warn them they haven’t seen anything yet.

Sunny Gho’s bright color choices are solid. The only complaint is the blood needs a bit more distinction to avoid looking like slime. In Hit-Girl the blood will be at a premium so getting that down just right will be important.

Overall, this was a fun read that will thrill Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl fans alike. The mayhem and carnage is back. Time to start taking odds on the body count.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics

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