DC Comics reviews for 2/21/18

Super Sons #13

super sons 13

After a pair of multi-team-ups it was nice to see Super Sons get back to basics.

Jon and Damien are attending the same private school with very different results. Not surprisingly, Jon has fit in easily with his new peers and made fast friends as he works hard to be normal. Damien is the opposite with his dismissive attitude quickly irritating his classmates.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi always shines in these scenarios where he can easily spotlight the differences between Jon and Damien. It’s exactly how these two attending the same school should play out making for a fun read. Tomasi confidentially doesn’t rush into the action minus a spirited kickball game and allows this slight change in status quo to take form.

When figures from Damien’s past come back seeking his aid Robin might have to share more of his upbringing with Jon than he’d like, especially to save the next target on a hit list.

Carlo Barberi takes care of the art this issue with a strong debut. Not every talented artist can draw Robin and Superboy quite right with the fitting body posture, expressions and size. Barberi easily makes the cut and will make for a great regular contributor. Gabe Eltaeb’s colors are sharp and vibrant.

Super Sons new arc has a lot of promise and should be another highly entertaining chapter of one of DC’s must read books.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics
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