DC Comics reviews for 2/21/18

Aquaman #33

aquaman 33

The Crown Comes Down Finale delivered the epic big battle of Corum Rath’s forces and Aquaman’s ragtag band of allies. I wasn’t entirely sure about Aquaman not resuming his place on the throne, but writer Dan Abnett is already setting up some fun possibilities once Arthur finishes his current conflict.

But before the next fight, Aquaman has to take down the Crown of Thorns in order to save Mera’s life. Abnett wisely doesn’t try to end the Aquaman/Rath war in one issue and establishes this issue as a major turning point in the conflict. The way Abnett has built this up, it’s so much more satisfying for the final confrontation to be the focal point of entire issue as opposed to being crammed in at the end.

Riccardo Federici’s magnificent artwork is once again a highlight. All of Federici’s pages look like beautiful fantasy art and he’s infused a magical quality to Atlantis that hasn’t been done before.

I remain a huge fan of this title and with a few of the DC creative teams shifting out to other books, I really hope Abnett and Federici stay in place for many more months to come.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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