DC Comics reviews for 2/21/18

Batman #41

batman 41

Tom King seemed to have a lot of fun on recent issues with Superman and Wonder Woman teaming with Batman. The Superman team-up was an all-time classic. The Wonder Woman issues were a mixed bag. King sidelines the team-ups and kicks off an arc that already has a lot of potential as he brings Poison Ivy to the forefront.

King avoids the usual sexpot presentation that tends to follow Ivy making her much more of a menacing and powerful threat. I really like this take on her and am interested in seeing where King is going to go. I always like when King does a slow burn to Batman’s confrontation with the villain. King takes a creative approach this time and it definitely puts the odds against Batman and Catwoman.

Mikel Janin returns right on time to draw a deadly female adversary. Janin doesn’t over-sexualize his females, but he’s able to showcase their femininity and power making for some of the best drawn females in comics. Jung Chung’s color work is especially strong this issue with some brilliant subtle effects to put in some green hues on every page.

Everyone Loves Ivy is going to be another fun arc and this is a solid jumping on point for anyone who for some reason isn’t already reading this book.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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