DC Comics reviews for 2/21/18

Batman Sins of the Father #1

**Spoilers if you haven’t played Batman: The Telltale Series


batman sins of the father

As I played through Telltale Games’ Batman series, I wasn’t completely sold on the significant changes to the mythos. It did make for a surprising story with several unpredictable twists and a freshness to Bruce Wayne’s crusade. Hoping to capitalize on this new landscape, writer Christos Gage and artist Raffaele Ienco craft an engaging alternate take on Batman.

For fans of the game, it will probably be hard not to hear Troy Baker’s voice while reading Batman and Bruce Wayne, Einn Reitel as Alfred or Murphy Guyer as James Gordon. That’s not a bad thing as it helps provide that link to the games.

With a greater understanding of his father’s crimes, Bruce seeks to make good to the many Arkham Asylum victims. But someone doesn’t want Bruce to make reparations, which puts Bruce back into the fray again. Gage must be a big fan of the game as he captures the tone and Telltale efforts to make Bruce Wayne just as important to the story as Batman.

For series newcomers, this new take on Batman might make for a fun Elseworlds style story even without the benefit of playing through the game. This is set between the first two seasons so for those (like me) awaiting the final chapter of Season 2, don’t worry about any spoilers.

Ienco’s artwork doesn’t quite match up to the style of the games and is much more gritty and realistic take. I love the details and action sequences, but wonder if going with an aesthetic more close to the video games would have made more sense here.

This is not the standard Batman title and even if you haven’t played the game, which I highly recommend picking up, this is worth checking out if you want a fun twist on the norm.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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