DC Comics reviews for 2/21/18

The Brave and the Bold:
Batman and Wonder Woman #1

the brave and the bold batman and wonder woman

Liam Sharp draws an amazing Wonder Woman. Correction: Liam Sharp draws an amazing everything. Sharp burst on the Rebirth scene as one half of the Wonder Woman art team. Following the end of that run, Sharp took a bit of a break so it’s great seeing him back in action again.

Sharp sticks to his drawing ‘comfort zone’ returning to Wonder Woman in a new six-issue mini-series teaming her with Batman. After a few pages, it’s clear Sharp should at some point get a regular gig working on Justice League or another of DC’s premiere team books. His layouts are so intricate and involved and the amount of time he puts into every page is evident. Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s lush colors really bring out the pencils bringing an additional fantasy touch to the artwork.


As a writer? The verdict is still out. Sharp writes a very dense story that mostly focuses on a group of faeries with one principal character and seemingly another narrator. Gradually, Sharp starts connecting these events to Wonder Woman and Batman. It’s not the easiest of reads with a lot of words per page. For the first issue with so many unfamiliar characters and a somewhat confusing narrative, it comes off somewhat overwhelming.

Sharp has the tone down in establishing this story, but he almost comes off too excited to rush into the heart of the story without allowing readers to fully absorb it and take it in first.

The issue starts to connect Batman and Wonder Woman’s agendas together so I’m optimistic the story can improve. If nothing else, Brave and the Bold will be a gorgeous book to look at.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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