DC Comics reviews for 2/21/18

Damage #2

damage #2

Turns out the first issue wasn’t a fluke. Damage #2 kept the excitement and mystery going.

Writer Robert Venditti is doing a commendable job of navigating around the obvious Hulk tropes and making Ethan Avery’s plight feel fresh and unique.

Ethan Awakens to learn Damage has caused some massive destruction and now the Suicide Squad is gunning for him. This issue does a better job of filling in some of the story gaps from Suicide Squad #35 and it’s nice to immediately see Damage in action against a significant challenge.

Tony Daniels’ art looks great once again. His panels are explosive and full of energy. I like this creative team pairing and think with this combo, Damage has the chance to be a breakout character for DC in 2018.

DC isn’t letting up on the character’s push though with another top tier guest star set for next issue. That encounter should make for a fun third issue. The future looks bright for Damage.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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