DC Comics reviews for 2/21/18

Justice League #39

justice league 39

Justice League really feels like it’s in a directionless holding pattern until the new regime takes over.

It’s weird to think of how promising this arc started with writer Priest and artist Pete Woods and where it’s at now.
This issue finds Cyborg going to court to answer for the League’s botched mission. Meanwhile Batman’s other Justice League Team is handling another crisis. And a familiar face returns to borrow Baz and Cruz on another mission.

Priest addressed the question of why Aquaman is wearing his old blue camo suit with another confusing interaction with The Fan. This time he’s dressed as Jason Momoa’s version of the character in a moment that seemed designed more a chuckle than making much sense.

Ian Churchill handles the art this time continuing the merry-go-round artist feel of this arc. Churchill’s work is as enjoyable as ever and it’s nice seeing him tackle so many heroes.

The layout of the story is real messy right now. Subplots pop up and don’t get follower up and it’s hard to figure out the point of this arc. Is it about the Justice League taking better account of their actions? Cyborg evolving into the leader? Stopping The Fan? There’s too much going on right now and the arc is only getting more confusing instead of getting clearer.

Maybe it will all make sense once it’s done, but Priest isn’t offering enough incentive to make sticking around worth it.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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