DC Comics reviews for 2/21/18

Superman #41

superman 41 cover

Despite a somewhat lackluster opening act, Superman #41 rallied to make for a pretty enjoyable read.

James Robinson wraps a quick two part story with Superman and Superboy desperately trying to convince a doomed civilization that their planet could destruct at any moment. While issue #40 was a little heavy on the Superman origin allegory, Robinson takes the story to a different place here allowing it to stand on its own much more.

Ed Benes’ art is on point. Somewhere he got typecast as just a cheesecake artist and it was nice to see him show his talents extend far beyond bust and waist size. Benes’ work on Jon was especially nice as he captured the childlike wonder and emotions really well. Benes has always drawn a very strong Superman too and that’s no difference here.

Dinei Ribiero’s colors really popped and I always love a colorist who embraces the boldness of Superman’s costume.
I kind of wish Robinson had more time to explore the topics he brings up namely Superman’s thoughts on faith and choice.

As a quick fill-in before Tomasi and Gleason’s final arc, this two-parter achieved its purpose. Maybe it won’t be the most fondly remembered chapter of this run, but it made for a solid story.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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