Super ToyCon 2018: WWE reveals WCW Ron Simmons, Red Rooster, Brian Kendrick

After Toy Fair, some WWE collectors felt a little let down. But with Super ToyCon just another weekend away, there was reason for some optimism. And this time, Mattel had a few great surprises for collectors.


The main stunner was the reveal of a Flashback Elite Red Rooster. I’ve been a big fan of Terry Taylor, but never thought we’d see him in Mattel’s WWE line.


He even comes with a cloth jacket. I appreciate the removable mohawk so I can ditch it for some Mid-South/UWF action, but I wonder if that gap isn’t going to look really bad. Now I can finish off another Survivor Series team!

Another big want was finally revealed with the WCW Ron Simmons. Mattel FINALLY fixed Simmons’ skin tone in capturing his look when he beat Vader for the WCW title. He seems a little slight from first glance. Mattel probably should have gone with the British Bulldog torso for Simmons, but I’m definitely getting him.

wwe ron simmons figure

Next up was a Ver. 1 Matt Hardy figure. I guess at this point enough time has passed so this can legit be considered a Flashback. I like this one a lot.

I’m not as big a fan of the Edge reveal. Even with the face print technology, Mattel just can’t seem to get Edge right, which is weird.

The Carmella and Naomi figures looked terrific though. Carmella has the weird print pattern around her eyes from the print technique, but is a major improvement over her first figure. Naomi also looks great and I’m glad Mattel gave her a glow belt accessory.

Another long demanded figure was The Brian Kendrick, which will be an online exclusive.

The Milk-A-Mania set has a great package set up like a milk truck. And Mattel showed a picture of Kurt Angle’s actual jersey, not the placeholder one shown last weekend: