Pre-order Aliens Series 13 Action Figure Set with Sgt. Apone

NECA might not have the likeness rights for Aliens’ Sgt. Apone yet, but they’re doing the next best thing.

I imagine we’re not going to get a film accurate version of Apone as Al Matthews hasn’t been interested in signing off on his likeness. To get around that, NECA went with an Apone based on the Kenner toy line. Considering, NECA has previously done Kenner-inspired figures with Vasquez and Ripley.

Apone looks pretty good all things considered. I’m curious if the hat comes off. If so, we could get closer to a more film accurate version using the NECA Frost figure.

Here’s NECA’s write up:

Series 13 includes the long-awaited debut of Space Marine Sgt. Apone, as well as the frequently requested Snake Alien and Scorpion Alien. Space Marine Sgt. Apone stands approximately 7-inches tall and features an extraordinary bio-mechanical right arm and heavy-duty grenades on his back.


The figure is highly articulated and comes with a rifle accessory. Snake Alien feature a 12-inch long bendable tail and ball-jointed fingers for attacking its unlucky prey.

aliens series 13 sgt apone facing off with aliens

Scorpion Alien has over 30 points of articulation. Both highly detailed figures measure over 9-inches tall. The clamshell packaging is an homage to the classic Kenner art, featuring custom illustrations and a color palette reminiscent of the toy shelves of the early ’90s.

You can pre-order this set from Entertainment Earth here.

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Aliens Series 13 Action Figure Set

Photo Credit: NECA