DC Comics reviews for 2/28/18

Detective Comics #975

detective comics 975

The Trial of Batwoman kicks off as an epilogue to Fall of the Batmen with the Bat Family.

Of all the various creative changes to the Rebirth titles, I’m probably the most disappointed that writer James Tynion IV is leaving Detective Comics with issue #981. He’s taken a concept of a Batman team book and made it one of the best titles in mainstream comics. The Fall of the Batmen now seems poised to take one of Rebirth’s best concepts and just make it another regular Batman book.

For now, Tynion is diligently tidying up everything he’s established with the Gotham Knights. Batwoman’s trial doesn’t go as expected and raises some interesting questions about the team’s origin and future. Wherever he lands next, I’m hoping it’s with more Bat characters. This issue was a great showcase of how connected Tynion is with the Bat Family from Damian’s snippy attitude to Nightwing’s cheerful demeanor right down to Batgirl’s logical perspective.

I know it’s hard to keep track of all the various members of the team, but it would have been nice to have The Signal at least make an appearance. Even if he wouldn’t have a lot to contribute to the debate, his cameo would have further cemented his place among the Bat Family.

Alvaro Martinez’s pencils are incredibly sharp. Martinez is such a fantastic storyteller and conveys the character emotions so well it feels like watching a movie from a very skilled cinematographer. Raul Fernandez never overwhelms with the ink work and Brad Anderson’s colors are just the right hue and tone for the feel of the story.

Detective Comics just keeps shining. We’re nearing the end of the road of a fantastic ride, but if this issue and its cliffhanger is any indication, there’s still some fun surprises left.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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