DC Comics reviews for 2/28/18

Mera: Queen of Atlantis #1

mera queen of atlantis

Mera Queen of Atlantis #1 was just as solid and entertaining a debut as regular Aquaman readers would expect.
DC is taking a smart approach with fringe characters who might not be able to sustain a book long term. Give them a mini-series to see if they sink or swim.

Ironically with Mera, neither is a great option. She’s recovering from wounds that make getting into water a bad idea. Fortunately, she’s got her Atlantean pal Tula to keep her company on her road to recovery.

But the problems that led to her injuries have followed her to the surface forcing Mera to get assistance from some of her newer allies.

Meanwhile, another exiled Atlantean learns of her plight and starts considering if their new life is worth more than revenge.
Aquaman writer Dan Abnett ensures his take on Mera doesn’t get muddied with another writer handling the series. That’s a smart move since Abnett set Mera’s path in motion and he’s spent nearly a year establishing her voice in the Rebirth era.

Lan Medina was a great choice for the artist of this series. He draws gorgeous characters and his layouts are smartly conceived with a flair for capturing the most dramatic shot.

Richard Friend doesn’t go too heavy with the inking, which is important since Medina’s art doesn’t need a ton of enhancement. Vero Gandini’s colors are also top notch. Gadini uses vibrant primary colors and hazy tones for flashback sequences.

This is another newer DC series with a lot of promise. It’s nice to see Mera get her time in the spotlight, but this is set up in a manner that it doesn’t just have to be wrapped up in six issues.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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