DC Comics reviews for 2/28/18

The Silencer #2

the silencer 2

I’m really loving this book right now. We’re only two issues in, but The Silencer is filling a very specific spot in the DC Universe that hasn’t been explored lately. Plus, it’s just a blast watching writer Dan Abnett and artist John Romita Jr. create this John Wick-influenced world of super-powered assassins in the DCU.

This issue pits The Silencer against an assassin with living blood and an arsenal of heavy artillery. Abnett seems very inspired by this new sandbox and he’s coming up with some fun DC style twists to take the John Wick backdrop. The Silencer has a clean up crew for any and every incident, a weapons hideout and a syndicate she still has ties to despite being retired.

Abnett didn’t load Honor Guest up with powers, but her cone of silence is such an ingenious ability, especially for an assassin.

Romita’s artwork really stands out here. His pages on All-Star Batman were electric, but I really get the sense Romita is taking great care to establish a strong foundation for a character that looks to have a lot of staying power. There’s a great flow to the panel layouts and character positioning. I’ve always been a fan of Romita’s work on character faces and this is no different. Romita is feeling inspired and that’s a good thing for the future of this title.

Next issue looks to be the first to really showcase Silencer’s fighting ability in the face of terrible odds. This book is quickly earning a spot on my most anticipated list.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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