Watch Chadwick Boseman surprise Black Panther fans on Tonight Show

Typically, you’ll see the cast of big films make the promotional rounds before their latest blockbuster. Then once the film hits theaters, they resume work on their next project. The Black Panther cast realizes they put together something very special. They’ve been just as active three weeks since the film’s release as the start. Chadwick Boseman showed up on the Tonight Show to surprise fans who thought they were leaving a message for the film’s star. 

Their reactions are really amazing and you can tell Boseman is appreciative of being able to communicate with his fans up close and personal.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has done this segment a lot, but it never gets old. This one was definitely my favorite. Even Captain America was impressed.

What would you have said to Chadwick Boseman or any of the Black Panther crew if given the opportunity?

Photo Credit: NBC