Black Panther passes The Dark Knight Rises en route to $500 million weekend

With a $16.3 million Friday haul, Black Panther passed The Dark Knight Rises ($448 million) on the all-time domestic chart. By the end of the weekend, it will surpass Avengers: Age of Ultron ($459 million) to become the third highest grossing comic book movie of all time. And hitting $500 million definitely seems to be in reach.

Beating Age of Ultron will place Black Panther at least to the No. 10 spot on the highest grossing charts. This pace is at near historic levels. In its third weekend, Avengers brought in $55 million, which took its total to $457 million. Avengers wrapped up its run with $623 million.

Black Panther has a slightly different path from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which benefited from its third weekend falling on Christmas weekend as it earned $99 million.

Either way, Black Panther looks like it will have a relatively easy path clearing a Top 5 spot at this rate.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney