WWE Fan Central figures found at retail

Between Hasbro’s Marvel Legends and Mattel’s WWE, it’s a good and expensive time to be a collector. Today a Twitter user found the new WWE Fan Central figures.

I’m not sure if we’d ever heard about this particular lineup. It looks like all the looks Mattel has fans vote on over at wwe.com last year.

The highlight is definitely the regular look Bobby Heenan.

WWE Fan Central Triple h and Bobby Heenan


I don’t understand the point of the red trunks Triple H. That was in his peak career obnoxious phase when he was beating all the former WCW champs. The problem is we don’t have a WCW era Booker T, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner or Goldberg to fight him.

Mark Henry is in his solo Sexual Chocolate attire, which is fine even though it’s not the best outfit.

WWE Fan Central Mark Henry and big show

The Big Show is another OK addition with the bushy beard scan.

These have been found at Toys R Us so be on the lookout as they’re a TRU exclusive.

Photo Credit: Rene Fuentevilla