DC Comics reviews for 3/7/18

Batman #42

batman #42 cover

Occasionally Batman writer Tom King will put together a mood setting issue. That’s where he goes with the slow burn approach to flesh out Batman’s current predicament. It doesn’t make for the most exciting issue on its own, but in the greater context of the arc it further establishes that Batman is going to have to work to save the day.

Poison Ivy has Gotham and the world under her spell, but she’s allowed Batman and Catwoman to roam free. Not that Ivy has much to worry about since she has control over the world’s superpower population as well. King establishes a creepy big brother tone with Batman continually pushing the limits to determine a weakness in Ivy’s control.


Artist Mikel Janin does really amazing work. I love his portrayal of characters like Superman, The Flash, etc., but it’s his take on Catwoman, Ivy and Wonder Woman that are truly outstanding.

Everyone Loves Ivy is shaping up to be another fun arc for Batman. The beauty of King’s run is how versatile it’s been and I love that he keeps finding new, uncomfortable arenas to place The Dark Knight.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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