DC Comics reviews for 3/7/18

Black Lightning
Cold Dead Hands #5

black lightning cold dead hands #5 cover

Tony Isabella took an interesting path in the penultimate issue of Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands.

Initially it plays out more like the epilogue, but Isabella deftly navigates this set up lulling the reader to a false sense of security as easily as he does Jefferson Pierce.

Black Lightning has turned the tide and negative public sentiment and is cleaning up the city. But Tobias Whale has one last gambit to play and it’s his biggest ace in the hole yet.

Artists Clayton Henry and Yvel Guichet continue to do solid work. I like the simplistic approach as it’s clean without being cluttered and allows Black Lightning to look overly stylized.

Nothing happened this issue to suggest an ongoing series with this creative team would be a bad idea. Hopefully this spotlight on Black Lightning has won over enough fans for DC to keep these adventures rolling.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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