DC Comics reviews for 3/7/18

Green Arrow #38

green arrow #38 cover

Benjamin Percy writes his final issue of Green Arrow before moving on to Nightwing. Issue #38 was a fitting conclusion to what’s been one of the best runs of Green Arrow.

Percy has taken Oliver Queen on a very fun and thrilling ride over the course of these 38 issues. One thing every aspiring writer should take notes from Percy’s run is how he told a compelling story with a number of twists and turns without dramatically altering the status quo. That means Percy didn’t randomly kill off major characters for the sake of making an indelible mark. Percy told the story he wanted to tell that spotlighted all the great aspects of Green Arrow and his supporting cast without trashing other elements because he didn’t like them or found them outdated.

For this issue, Oliver has to deal with the consequences of his trial and put various other aspects of his life in order with the help of some friends. Percy sets this up as a nice curtain call for the characters that played a significant role during his run.


Juan Ferreyra fittingly joins Percy for his final issue. Ferreyra’s art really took the title to another level visually with breathtaking pages and dynamic action sequences. This issue made for a nice curtain call for his tremendous work as well.

As the payoff to every storyline established since the start of Rebirth, this was a very satisfying read. It could easily have been the final issue of Green Arrow from the wide open and optimistic note Percy wraps the story.

Incoming writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly have huge shoes to fill in making Green Arrow’s world feel just as important as the other A-List DC heroes. The important thing is that Green Arrow definitely feels like a premium title again. Now it’s just a matter of keeping him there.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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