DC Comics reviews for 3/7/18

Green Lanterns #42

green lanterns #42 cover

There’s a good amount to like in writer Tim Seeley’s latest Green Lanterns arc. A superhero dating app is really clever as is the twist of it being used by a slaver ring. But Seeley struggles incorporating other elements like Cruz suddenly developing a crush on Baz, awkward analogies trying to compare the slaver ring’s to religion and the appearance of an Omega Men character. It’s an idea overload.

I get the sense that if Seeley did the dating slaver ring as one plot, a crooked church as another and then an Omega Men crossover, this arc would flow a lot smoother. Instead, it’s like an orchestra where no one knows what song is next.

Artist V Ken Marion is well-suited for this alien heavy storyline. His human/humanoid faces are still too elongated and lack much distinction from one character to the next. Some of the page layouts are also confusing to navigate as well.

Seeley wraps the issue with a cliffhanger that will likely have more meaning to Omega Men fans than Green Lanterns readers. That’s a curious decision since it won’t have the desired impact on readers unfamiliar with Omega Men lore. Green Lanterns is struggling a little bit right now. Hopefully, Seeley can find his way to get the title back on track soon.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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