DC Comics reviews for 3/7/18

Justice League #40

Justice League is in this really weird place right now. It seems like writer Priest has once again sidelined The Fan subplot to move to another storyline. Now, the Justice League finds itself caught in an ethical dilemma with Batman’s Justice League of America.

This run has felt very disjointed with Priest coming off disinterested in addressing plot points he introduces. There’s no mention of the Justice League trial, Cyborg’s appearance is changing because The Fan doesn’t like the way he looks, Cyborg’s leadership is constantly challenged and The Fan apparently has a partner who’s turned the Watchtower into a death trap. This forces both Justice League teams to prioritize which members are essential to save and which ones are expendable.

There’s a lot that hasn’t really flowed that well, but Priest has done an exceptional job with getting the characters’ voices correct. Under some Justice League writers, the dialogue seemed interchangeable from character to character. That’s not the case with Priest as Superman sounds like Superman, Cyborg sounds like Cyborg, etc.


Priest is exploring some interesting themes with Cyborg as he’s starting to find his voice as a leader and dealing with some real life issues some black men in authority positions face with constant second guessing and the pressure to change their appearance.

Pete Woods is back as artist after a long break. Woods’ pages look good although he leaves a lot of bare panels. He’s got a lot of characters to juggle so providing some space isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Priest is doing a lot of hard work to connect the players involved in No Justice. The second chapter of Justice Lost still feels somewhat jumbled, but the foundation for one of DC’s big 2018 events is slowly starting to take shape. Hopefully, it starts making more sense soon.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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