Image Comics reviews for 3-7-18

Gideon Falls #1

gideon falls

Gideon Falls immediately pulled me in and didn’t let go. This is the kind of slow burn comic that takes hold and keeps your attention

Writer Jeff Lemire sets up this instantly captivating story told with two main characters. Norton runs around in a surgical mask collecting seemingly random pieces of trash. Norton’s therapist is concerned he’s falling back on his old habits and considers committing him again.

Elsewhere, Father Fred who had some yet to be revealed issue and is now taking over the church at Gideon Falls. The locals are pleasant enough, but no one wants to talk about the death of his predecessor…until Fred meets him. I like the dual mystery element Lemire sets up and the tease that Fred and Norton’s paths will eventually cross.


Andrea Sorrentino’s art is stunning. Sorrentino brings a lifelike quality to his characters and every page looks amazing. Late in the issue, there’s a series of pages that really cap a great setup. Sorrentino brings those pages a real cinematic tone that couldn’t be done any better in a movie.

Gideon Falls is definitely going to be on my must read list going forward. It’s got a very compelling hook and looks like it could be one of Image’s best books in 2018.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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