Image Comics reviews for 3-7-18

Oblivion Song #1

oblivion song 1

If the first issue is any indication, I give AMC about a year and a half before they announce an Oblivion Song TV show. The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has another killer idea on his hands and this debut issue was immediately engaging.

A city has been overrun by monsters and Nathan is using advanced technology to rescue and retrieve human survivors. The only catch is his once thriving team is down to two people and his resources are depleting. But with a monument full of folks missing from the Transference — including his brother Edward — Nathan is obsessed with rescuing as many as possible.

Kirkman sells this concept quickly and it seems full of potential. Kirkman sets up a good amount of obstacles, problems and relationship conflicts that he’s got a lot to work with here.

Lorenzo De Felici’s art is solid in establishing the nightmare world and how it contrasts with the normal world. There’s some occasional inconsistencies with how old or wide he portrays the characters, but the pages look good. Annalisa Leoni’s colors are right on point as well with bright color choices that make this more of a fun adventure instead of a drab post apocalyptic world.

Oblivion Song has all the makings of a major hit for Image and is easily recommended for readers looking for something fresh and fun.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10