Image Comics reviews for 3-7-18

Prism Stalker #1

prism stalker

Based solely on first impressions, Prism Stalker is going to be a challenging read. But the good news is the book gradually starts to take shape and move towards an intriguing direction by the final few pages.

Creator Sloane Leong pulls double duty as writer and artist on what she describes as a longtime passion project.

Vep lost her home world and now works with her family as indentured servants for an alien species. Leong intercuts the current day setting of ‘working for the (alien) man’ with Vep reflecting back on her childhood before disaster struck.

Maybe not surprisingly based on the title, the use of colors is really captivating. The character designs of the alien overloads seemed a bit busy for me, but maybe it’s an effective analogy for management. Initially, some of the dialogue reads somewhat choppy and will likely warrant a second read with a better understanding of the concept. Again, that doesn’t necessarily make Prism Stalker the easiest read. It’s in the final few pages that Leong makes her vision clearer and that seems very interesting.

While Prism Stalker didn’t immediately grab my attention, it looks like there’s enough potential here to warrant sticking with it for four or five issues.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics

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