The Flash: Enter Flashtime review S4 E15

As far as bottle episodes go, Enter Flashtime was pretty good. With eight more episodes this season, this was the ideal time for a one-off challenge for Team Flash.

The episode kicks off with an attention getting opener as Flash is disheveled and sweaty in a state we haven’t seen him before. He’s out of options and is ready to break the bad news that he failed … his city. That’s Oliver’s shtick Barry.

We flashback eight minutes ago to Barry frustrated he’s not fast enough to make it to a breach before it closes long distance. Closing that gap is the only possible way Barry can catch one of DeVoe’s open portals. Cisco got a sweet Karate Kid reference in this week as he was tired of playing Mr. Miyagi for Barry’s training.

the-flash-enter-flashtime-iris and barry sitting

Out of the blue, Jesse Quick returns in a really random cameo. She would have been real helpful when Central City was without a Flash and everyone was relying on Ralph, who was oddly absent this week. Ralph’s disappearing acts always come off so weird since the writers have pushed him so hard this season.

Jesse’s here to talk with Harry, who still hasn’t come to grips with his wife’s death. This feels like such a Season 2 subplot and hardly necessary now. You know what would have been a better use of Jesse’s one appearance this season? Filling in for Flash while Barry was stuck in prison.

Fortunately Jesse gets a break from this awkward reunion to help Team Flash stop a terrorist group. Besides some really dynamic lighting that featured some nice strong yellows, orange and purple hues, this battle looked like it was taking place on a sound stage instead of outside a warehouse. Somehow two speedsters weren’t able to stop Veronica Cade from triggering a fission engine device that would unleash a nuclear explosion.


Barry and Jesse went into Flashtime mode where they operate so quickly that everything else looks like it’s moving in slow motion. That debuted in The Trial of The Flash. And to help sort out the situation, Barry has Jesse bring Jay Garrick over. I liked the premise of Barry having brief conversations with Team Flash to gain some insight on how to stop the explosion.

One by one, Team Flash struck out. This left Barry with the reset button option i.e. setting the device off in the Speed Force. Just when you think Barry has learned all the appropriate lessons, he comes up with an insane idea that would undoubtedly have massive repercussions.

It takes Iris to come up with the idea that does work — using the Speed Force as a lightning rod of some sort. One thing I’ve always disliked about the show is how the writers had to dramatically dumb down Barry Allen to create a purpose for Team Flash. In the comics, Barry is perfectly capable of deciphering complex scientific issues on his own.

the-flash-enter-flashtime the flash and jesse quick

With the bomb threat handled, Jesse and Harry have a nice moment as he allows her to hear his thoughts on his wife. Again, the timing of this felt kinda suspect, but it was a nice moment.

Caitlin and Iris’ appreciation for Jay training a female Flash seemed silly considering Jesse is literally the Flash of her Earth. It’s not exactly a novel concept.

And once again, the mysterious girl shows up. This time she ‘bumps’ into Harry and Caitlin. If you’re keeping score at home, that means she’s now interacted with all the core members of Team Flash save Joe and Cecile. And Wally, but nobody bothers worrying about him on this show.

Conclusion: Enter Flashtime was an effective detour from the DeVoe storyline that allowed for some nice personal drama for Team Flash and a fun exploration of a new Flash power.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW