WWE Elite The List Chris Jericho exclusive figure review

Outside of Matt Hardy and maybe The Undertaker, there’s no one more versatile than Chris Jericho. He’s been able to stay relevant and interesting for decades. That’s not easy considering some stars find one gimmick and ride it out for the rest of their career.

I’ve got the Defining Moments figure to go, but today I’m looking at one of the more recent Jericho incarnations. Naturally, Jericho has already revamped and changed his look for his return to New Japan Pro Wrestling so this is already outdated. But for one amazing year, Jericho found new life as a main event player thanks to The List. Let’s see if this updated Y2J deserves a spot on mine.  

Package:  I love, love, love when Mattel makes specialized packaging. Hasbro does great work with its San Diego Comic Con exclusive sets, but Mattel knocks these out regularly. The package has a slate gray with sparkle accents in the corner to simulate his boot design. While simple, the back of the package is the real winner as it features The List.

wwe elite chris jericho the list exclusive figue review -package rear

Likeness:  I haven’t gotten a modern Jericho since his 2008 days so it was time. Of the modern Jericho figures, the List version had the most significant changes with a mustache, goatee and faux hawk.

wwe elite chris jericho the list exclusive figue review -arms out

Mattel has released a new List Jericho version with an entirely new head sculpt with a clean shaven, smiling look for Elite 53. I prefer this look as it’s more irritated as if Jericho is about to make a new addition to the list right away.

This is the standard Jericho torso Mattel has used for a while. It’s a good fit for an idealized modern Jericho. Mattel doesn’t have a good thick, but not fat torso so this is the best choice.

wwe elite chris jericho the list exclusive figue review -scale with kevin owens, samoa joe and seth rollins

Scale:  Jericho is billed at 5’10”, a tad shorter than the 6’1″ Seth Rollins and much shorter than the 6’2” Samoa Joe. Jericho is much taller than he should be as he’s nearly eye to eye with Joe.

wwe elite chris jericho the list exclusive figue review -best friends with kevin owens


Paint:  As flashy as the newer Y2J outfits were, I liked this color scheme better as it has a bit more pop thanks to the unique color scheme. There’s purple, gold, red and black so Jericho stands out on the shelf.

Mattel is typically really good on this aspect and it’s bigger news when there is some paint smears or misaligned paint work. That’s not the case here and Jericho’s paint work is nice and crisp.

Bizarrely, all of Jericho’s left arm tattoos are missing save the one on the hand. I don’t mind Mattel skimping on details with Basic figures, but I’m not cutting them breaks on Elite figures and this is a bad oversight. (Update: Thanks to a pair of readers who let me know Jericho’s arm tattoos weren’t included due to licensing.)

wwe elite chris jericho the list exclusive figue review -no tattoo

Articulation:  This Elite body is probably the best for implementing all the moves without any restrictions. Jericho can easily do a Liontamer and with some maneuvering, you can almost do a decent Codebreaker.

wwe elite chris jericho the list exclusive figue review -walls of jericho to to samoa joe

That’s the limitations of the Elite articulation scheme though as it doesn’t have the butterfly shoulder joint that would allow for deeper moves or to bring the arms closer together.

The List Chris Jericho has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee (double jointed)
  • ankle

wwe elite chris jericho the list exclusive figue review -code breaker to seth rollins

Accessories:  Jericho has all the essential accessories here. His swank scarf is included and Mattel made the right call not making this cloth. Plastic is fine for this kind of clothing. It fits fine and comes on and off easily.

wwe elite chris jericho the list exclusive figue review -accessories in tray

Additionally, Jericho has his infamous List and a marker. Jericho has one open hand to hold the marker, but you can negotiate the list to fit in his arm without falling all the time.  As far as Elites go, this isn’t the most by a longshot. Mattel probably should toss in a chair here and there when figures have this small amount of accessories.

Worth it?  I paid $14 for Jericho. That was the pricing sweet spot considering the scant accessories. For $20 this is a harder sell, that’s slightly offset by the exclusive nature of the figure.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Cool packaging aside, this is a solid modern Jericho. I like this look more for a contemporary Jericho figure.

wwe elite chris jericho the list exclusive figue review -you made the list

Where to Get It?  The List Chris Jericho was a shared exclusive with Gamestop and a few online retailers. I still see him at multiple Gamestops so that should be your first choice. Failing that, you can order The List Chris Jericho from Amazon.com.

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