Jessica Jones – AKA Freak Accident review S2 E2

Freak Accident felt more like the eighth episode of Season 2 than the second. While it’s too early to cram every minute full of exciting developments, the slower pacing made for a dull episode. Until the last 10 minutes brought about some suspense and a surprise death.

Jessica started her investigation on Kozlov, the doctor she believes gave her powers. But she’s a little late as Kozlov died in a freak accident. Jess doesn’t buy that and neither does Kozlov’s wheelchair using pal. I’m pretty sure only Jessica Jones could pull off a scene where the hero fights a wheelchair using amputee.

Even with slower episodes, Jessica can be counted on for some funny lines and un-heroic actions. Like hooking up with the guy at the bar in a bathroom stall after a harassing ‘compliment.’ Jessica’s back and forth with the new superintendent, Oscar (J.R. Ramirez, Arrow) suggests they’ll eventually hook up, but that prospect doesn’t sound very interesting yet.


Hogarth is rattled after her mysterious diagnosis so she picks up three prostitutes to do drugs and screw. For a successful attorney, Hogarth has some pretty low standards. Hogarth has never been a warm or genuine person so it’s a lot harder to care about her self destructive behavior. Unlike Jessica, Hogarth’s conscious seems to have vanished a long time ago. And it’s not like the Netflix universe doesn’t have attorneys with a heart like Nelson and Murdock anyway. All this led to some very uneventful scenes for a character we’ve never been given a reason to care about.

Trish’s subplot had the most significant advancement. She caught up with her mom (Rebecca De Mornay), who offered her some sage advice so she wouldn’t blow it with her boyfriend, Griffin (Hal Ozsan). I like Griffin as he’s a decent enough dude who actually seems into Trish. That just means they won’t work out because Trish can’t have nice things.

Of all the clumsy attempts to be socially relevant on other superhero shows, Trish’s #MeToo storyline actually works. Her encounter with a sleazy director when she was 15 also helps to explain the tense relationship with her mother. And why Jessica is so protective.

jessica jones aka freak accident - trish and jessica

Trish apparently has another guardian angel in Will Simpson, who’s been protecting her against the bad guys gunning for her. Turns out Trish is getting too close to uncovering things she shouldn’t. At least that’s what Jessica thinks. But it was Simpson who was in the target this time. And now he’s just another victim of the monster running around killing people with powers.

Killing off Simpson so early was a surprise. This felt a little early as there was barely any time to work him back into the season before he gets killed. Again, around episode 8 this would have had some meaning. Now? It just seemed like Wil Travel couldn’t stick around for a full season.

Conclusion: Freak Accident puts the heat on Low for most of the episode, but the last few minutes made things interesting and strongly teased one of the season’s major threats.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix