Black Panther becomes seventh comic book film to gross $1 Billion

In another big box office win for Black Panther, the film crossed the $1 Billion mark today. That makes Black Panther only the seventh comic book film to reach that milestone accomplishment.

Like you might expect, Marvel Studios dominates this very exclusive club with Avengers ($1.5 Billion), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.4 Billion), Iron Man 3 ($1.2 Billion) and Captain America: Civil War ($1.1 Billion). You could probably guess the other two correctly as well with The Dark Knight ($1.04 Billion) and The Dark Knight Rises ($1.08 Billion)

This weekend’s estimated $42 million haul will also see Black Panther take out The Dark Knight ($534 million) for the No. 7 spot on the domestic charts to become the second highest grossing movie. And trail only Avengers $623 million as the highest grossing comic book movie of all time.


Next up for Black Panther comes a stiffer challenge of knocking off Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($619 million) for the No. 6 spot. At this point it’s foolish to bet against the film especially given the underwhelming performances by Black Panther’s box office competition.

It’s key to note that Black Panther is pacing much further along than Avengers: Age of Ultron so expect it to keep moving up the worldwide charts over the course of the next few weeks. Especially with a strong estimated $65 million opening weekend in China.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures