Jessica Jones AKA Facetime review S2 E6

More than any other episode so far this season AKA Facetime benefited the most from the Netflix release schedule. Overall this was a slow episode that had a hurry up and get to the next one cliffhanger. 

Let’s just get that big cliffhanger out of the way first. For a moment I considered the possibility that Alisa was Jessica’s mom, who like her daughter, was resuscitated and given powers. But that seemed a little too far fetched, especially since Jessica already had facetime with her and there was no recognition. Her wig wasn’t that good.

jessica jones aka facetime review -jessica with justis ambrose

Trish is going through a transformation as well. She’s on edge and acting more irrational by the day. For a private investigator, it’s surprising that Jessica hasn’t caught anything. Just like my biggest problem with Bradley Cooper’s Limitless, Trish is enjoying the high but not at all concerned about her supply running out. Rather than screwing Malcolm, finding out if Simpson kept a backup stash probably should be a priority for her. And man is Malcolm being quite the man whore this season, no? But he’s shaping up to be a pretty good PI and I love Jessica’s begrudging respect for his enthusiasm.

At least Jessica seems to be stumbling backwards into a relationships with Oscar. Jessica needs a steady presence like him and it helps that his son can go to Oscar’s ex every so often as well. Oscar managed to hold out for a whopping two episodes before hooking up with Jessica, then made it kinda weird by painting her while she slept. I say kinda weird as it was a pretty great painting.

The Inez and Hogarth storyline feels so disconnected and unimportant from everything else going on. Even with Inez learning about Hogarth’s ALS and mentioning a patient who could heal any ailment. It’s just a deal where Hogarth doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the series and could easily be replaced by another cold, heartless lawyer.

jessica jones aka facetime review -inez and hogarth

Last season really felt ahead of the curve with addressing a man trying to assume control over a woman physically and emotional. In a lot of ways, Jessica Jones foreshadowed the #TimesUp movement. This year, it comes off somewhat forced and clunky with very little subtlety.

Jessica’s investigation into Karl Malus took her to his old college pal Justis Ambrose The more interesting part of this encounter was when Ambrose called Malus and he was drinking from an Octopus mug. It would be so cool if Malus could be revealed as a member of Hydra. Jessica tracked down Malus’ lair and with one picture and one wig removal later, Jessica is stunned to come face to face with her mother.


jessica jones aka facetime review - karl malus

So what does this mean going forward for this season? Clearly the payoff on the next episode will be key, but this was an odd twist. Let’s see if the writers can pull it off.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix