Jessica Jones – AKA God Help the Hobo review S2 E4

AKA God Help the Hobo was the strongest episode so far of Jessica Jones’ second season. That’s a great sign going forward as Season 2 starts to kick off its shoes and gets comfortable.

Jessica is stuck at her anger management classes, which surprisingly don’t take and she freaks out everyone in attendance. The bagels probably sucked anyway. Fortunately, Jessica can always rely on her breakfast of champions — booze and Slim Jims. Ooooh yeah!

The Jessica and Trish scenes have been so good this season. Their investigation into the mysterious woman wearing a wig provided some strong moments. The wig shop owner with a grudge against Trish was funny, but the best bit was Trish bringing out a gun that would make Cable and Deadpool jealous. Jessica’s line about it being fine if Trish was going grocery shopping in Texas was tremendous. In every episode we can always count on Krysten Ritter to deliver an epic deadpan line that proves she was one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe casting choices.

jessica jones AKA God Help the Hobo review - trish and jessica

Maybe I missed it, but the connection with the slimy movie director and IGH and the hospital seems a little flimsy. Even as a donor he shouldn’t have so much access to hospital records. His info helped Jessica and Trish find the nurse who tended to Jessica’s wig wearing mystery woman.

The ongoing theme so far is Jessica facing her inner demons. Is her anger issues merely frustration or indication of a larger problem? When Trish took a hit of Simpson’s super senses inhaler, her temper flared up immensely so there’s likely a larger issue. Hopefully Trish doesn’t figure out whatever Griffin is doing while she’s still hopped up. And pity the poor bank teller when Trish has to deal with a long line to withdraw some more bribe money. Getting information this episode was expensive!

I’m still not sold on Hogarth’s subplot and that 100% has to do with her being such a crappy person. Hogarth looked on in disgust when the lady using crutches fell and dropped her groceries. I get that the woman’s sudden vulnerability rattled her, but it’s that same selfish mentality that’s always made her so unlikeable. And if she does decide to go through with killing herself to avoid a slow, painful death, who would miss her?


Jessica’s inevitable fling with Oscar the superintendent kicked off this episode. While I was dreading it, the writing and Krysten Ritter and J.R. Ramirez’s natural chemistry quickly won me over. Oscar’s reluctance to immediately screw Jessica provided a little sitcom romance element that oddly worked really well. At least the eviction subplot isn’t hanging over her head any longer.

It’s nice to see Malcolm making up for lost time last season as he is putting in work with his dating app. The dude is trying to hard to keep up with Jessica, but he’s got a long way to go.

Hopefully soon we’ll get a real explanation for why Pryce is so intent on running Jessica out of business. Having a goon steal all of her research seemed kinda pointless. And it didn’t end well for old Nick as he ended up getting him killed by a having none of it Alisa.

jessica jones AKA God Help the Hobo review -malcolm and jessica

That didn’t work out so well for Jessica though as the cops immediately decided she was the one who killed the guy outside her apartment and arrested her. Even these officers have to know Jessica isn’t dumb enough to try that, right? The final shot with Jessica repeating that’s not me was really effective. It came off like Jessica

AKA God Help the Hobo made some significant strides in advancing the season’s storylines and ended with a cliffhanger that will be hard to avoid jumping right into the next episodes.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix