Jessica Jones – AKA The Octopus review S2 E5

After the previous excellent episode, The Octopus cooled things down a bit. That’s not a bad thing in this case as it allowed the cat and mouse game between Jessica and Alisa to keep rolling. And we learned some valuable life lessons along the way too.

Lesson 1: Don’t crash piano recitals unannounced

Alisa’s neighbor quickly picked up on this as her crying baby was initially soothed by Alisa’s playing and then started getting crank. That made Alisa cranky and so frustrated she destroyed her piano. Let’s give it up to Sophie for correctly understanding the need to leave Alisa’s ASAP.

jessica jones aka the octopus review - alisa

Lesson 2: Don’t piss off everyone

For Jessica this is going to prove a very tough lesson all season. It’s part of her charm. But still, when Hogarth is telling her to stop being so mean to people, Jessica needs to do some very serious self reflecting. At least in this case she had a terrific alibi for not dismembering the guy who broke into her office and Det. Costa has a long memory. Costa was there when Killgrave threatened every officer in the police station (in the amazing Top Shelf Perverts episode) and wants to work with her. Too often we see the police officers in these shows as the antagonist force that just slows down the hero from stopping the bad guys. I’m glad Costa appreciates Jessica and will at least provide her with one police force ally.

Lesson 3: Stay for dinner

jessica jones aka the octopus review - jessica undercover

The benefit of not forcing a relationship is it makes it easier for viewers to get invested in it. I went from being completely uninterested in any Oscar/Jessica scene to caring about how their budding relationship progresses. That’s pretty impressive. And it helps that Oscar’s fake ID skills is an asset. In this case, getting Jessica entry to talk to a suspected murderer at a psych ward. I always like undercover Jessica as Krysten Ritter seems to have so much fun with Jessica’s interpretations of administrative assistants, doctors, etc.

Lesson 4: Make sure the Yes is a lock

Remember all of Griffin’s shady actions? He actually was a good dude and was just hacking Trish’s laptop to track down all her friends and family for a proposal. Rule Number 1 with EVERY proposal — make sure you know she’s going to say yes. Griffin completely misread Trish as she responded to his proposal with a thank you.

jessica jones aka the octopus review - griffin and trish

Naturally Trish’s mom went off and just went into her computer for her contacts to propose? She breaks up with Griffin and tells her mom she didn’t want to be with him, but to be him. How often do women on TV get to be envious? Trish didn’t say she wasn’t Griffin because he was a dude and spoke like her goal was completely attainable. I dug that as it was a creative way to write Griffin out of the series. Dorothy doesn’t appreciate it and makes a comment so nasty, Trish gives her a well-earned slap. Both horrified and satisfied, Trish takes another hit of Simpson’s senses optimizer. This is definitely going to give Trish some problems soon.

Lesson 5: Make sure house guests earn their keep

Malcolm can’t keep Inez in line and as the only link to Kozlov, Alisa and the IGH conspiracy, keeping her alive is important. That means putting her up at Hogarth’s place. But Hogarth doesn’t have an altruistic bone in her body and only wanted Inez around so she could get some intel on IGH’s experiments. Maybe of the staving off ALS variety? What is it about Jessica that everyone around her eventually gets strung out on drugs?


Lesson 6: Ten pictures should just about do it

Jessica tracked down a major figure in the IGH puzzle — Dr. Karl Malus (Callum Keith Rennie) — enjoying watching the octopus at the aquarium. In the comics, Malus experimented on humans in Spider-Woman. As the standard mad scientist type it’s nice to throw him into this series. Though it would be kinda cool for Jessica Drew to show up on Jessica Jones too. Malus didn’t just experiment on Alisa though as the two appear to be lovers. After Jessica spends an unreasonable amount of time taking pictures with her phone, Malus spots her and has Alisa shatter the aquarium glass enough to trigger an alarm. Now with people running, not walking Jessica has to choose between saving people or pursuing the Doc and his superhero girlfriend.

The Octopus eased back some from the intensity of the previous episode, but was smartly paced so as not to burn out the main conflict.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix