Marvel Legends Black Panther Shuri and Klaw figure review Toys R Us exclusive

Like a lot of folks who watched Black Panther — and judging by the box office numbers that’s a lot of folks — I thought Shuri stole the film. I was largely ambivalent to her run as Black Panther, but I need an MCU version of T’Challa’s sister ASAP.

Hasbro is so on point now with using film buzz to create comic based figures that otherwise might not be a priority. The latest Toys R Us exclusive Black Panther Shuri and Klaw two-pack is another example of that and this results in another terrific set. Let’s take a look.

Packaging:  The cleanness of the Marvel Legends packaging tends to stand out better in the two pack presentation. The accent colors get more space to ‘breathe’ and the placement of the characters with the accessory buffer is always nice. I appreciate the consistency with the Black Panther wave with the matching blue and orange.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -package bio

I complain about it a lot, but the bio is really lacking here. Parents looking for a Shuri figure are going to wonder why she’s dressed like the Black Panther and the bio doesn’t explain that at all. Hasbro seems fine with catering to knowledgeable collectors with these figures or hope the fantastic sculpts sells them to fans of the MCU.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -main shuri pic

Likeness:  I’m not totally sure if Shuri had enough time as Black Panther to have a definitive look. A quick Google search shows a number of various looks. Hasbro attempted an amalgamation of a number of costumes using available resources. Shuri uses the cape that originally came with Sif and Lady Loki. It’s close enough to how Ken Lashley drew the attire even though I prefer the fur coming around the neck look better.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -with black panther

Shuri’s necklace might be new as I can’t place it. It’s not the long beaded kind Shuri routinely wore regardless of the other accessories. Rogue’s belt gets reused here, which would be fine except for the big X in the middle. I would have loved if Hasbro incorporated the fur around the wrists to further differentiate her from T’Challa.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -klaw with first hasbro klaw

Klaw looks about a million time better than the original Hasbro take. This guy looks fully capable of causing some problems for Black Panther, the Avengers and Fantastic Four.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -klaw fist up

I like the sinister head sculpt with those dead sunken eyes and his open mouth expression doesn’t bother me for a change. The sonic blaster is much improved with a more intricate design. It’s not oversized this time and is scaled properly.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -shuri and klaw side to side

Scale:  Both fit in about exactly what I would assume. Klaw is eye to eye with standard size figures while Shuri is a bit shorter than the guys.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -shuri with spider-gwen, misty knight, ms. marvel, white tiger and thor

Paint:  Shuri is pretty much what you’d expect from a Black Panther outfit — mostly black with grey boots and gloves. The paintwork on the boots is more consistent with the wrap style Shuri wore in the comics so points for accuracy on that front. Shuri gets a color boost with the fur and gold necklace.

Klaw is slightly more intricate with his torso and leg sonic pattern, which came out really clean.  I think he’s a darker shade of pink than I’d like, but it’s not a big problem.

The paintwork in the face is really nicely done with the glow type effect in the eyes and lining. The blaster doesn’t have as much wear and tear as I would think, but let’s just call that the Vibranium effect.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -klaw aiming sonic cannon

Articulation:  Klaw has all the normal articulation thanks to that terrific Sunfire/Bullseye body.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -klaw vs black panther


Shuri comes with the usual female articulation set up meaning she lacks the bicep joint. That’s a real bummer in her case as it would help with slashing and spearing poses. Beyond that she’s fine and can hit a ton of fun poses.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -shuri kicking klaw

Shuri and Klaw have:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep*
  • elbow (double jointed)*
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double jointed)
  • ankle

*= Klaw only

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -klaw choked out by black panther

Accessories:  Like most two-packs the accessories are minimal.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -figures in tray

Shuri comes with the reused Kraven/Black Panther spear. Shuri’s spear has the same great detailing with gold beads, red wrap and feathers and gold tip.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -shuri with spear

Klaw has the power effect from everyone. I’m fine with it for Klaw as it makes sense. I am hoping Hasbro does work in some new power effects soon.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -sonic blast effect

Worth it?  Like two figures, this set cost $40. You’re not getting the freebie Build A Figure piece however, but we’re not paying a premium price for an exclusive either so it’s a draw.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

I wish Hasbro could have done just a few more unique elements for Shuri. Klaw is a fantastic update and well worth getting. This was another smart and very necessary two-pack.

marvel legends shuri and klaw figure review -shuri and klaw face off

Where to get it?  These are a Toys R Us exclusive. With the Black Panther hype, expect these to be harder to find in stores so don’t be too patient if you spot them. Try and if you’re lucky they’ll actually be in stock.