Jessica Jones – AKA I Want Your Cray Cray review S2 E7

Flashback episodes can be hit or miss. Sometimes they get a little too cute or the connections to the current day story don’t really connect. That definitely wasn’t a problem in AKA I Want Your Cray Cray another excellent episode this season.

I really loved the natural callbacks to moments we’ve seen earlier this season.

We got a lot more clarity into Alisa’s backstory, which quickly addressed a ton of questions. That monster Jessica had those dreams about? It was her horrifically burned mother who broke through her restraints on a bender.

Alisa’s story was pretty tragic. She was in a coma for five years, learned her husband and son then went through major facial reconstruction courtesy of the soon to be dead Dr. Hansen. And like Jessica she is struggling with anger issues. Cray Cray actually did a good job rehabilitating Dr. Malus, who comes off like a decent guy here.

When nurse Inez doesn’t notice Alisa palmed her medicine, Alisa escapes and kills the first nurse and badly damages Inez. This still didn’t make Inez sympathetic, but it helped to see her before she was so miserable.

The other main focus this episode was a look back at the mid college years for Jessica and Trish. Jessica was in mid-cynical mode while Trish was in cliche former child star mode getting blitzed at clubs and blaring her video I Want Your Cray Cray.

Rachael Taylor might not be able to pull off the early 20s look, but she really does an outstanding job portraying young Trish.

It’s easy to take Krysten Ritter for granted. She’s so good and I loved seeing the subtle ways she showed a more vulnerable side to Jessica.


That was furthered as Jessica had a big friendship ending style blowout with Trish and she started dating Stirling, a bad influence and former bartender at Trish’s favorite hangout spot. He’s fine with her powers and is happy to take advantage of them like encouraging Jessica to steal her trademark leather jacket.

Stirling has lofty dreams, including opening his nightclub — Club Alias. Jessica’s fear of losing everyone close to her flares up as she’s not noticing Stirling is bad news.

Alisa actually reconnects with Jessica in a bathroom stall and then follows Stirling outside where he’s being cornered by some of his former ‘business partners.’ They want to use Jessica as their enforcer and Stirling is happy to pimp her out. Alisa isn’t happy with that and introduces Sterling’s head to the brick wall several times.

It definitely seems like Stirling’s death was a major breaking emotional point for Jessica. But it also served as the impetus for Jessica to reach back out to Trish and convince her to get off the drugs. So even behind the scenes Alisa was protecting her daughter. But the realization that she does have anger management issues was clear and Alisa returns to Dr. Malus to get help.

The final scene was great with Jessica wanting nothing to do with Alisa’s apology and punching her across the room. Anger issues run in the family. And Malus has a quick knockout syringe to put Jessica out. This therapy session is going to take more than one episode to work out. Let’s roll on to the next episode.


Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

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