Jessica Jones – AKA Ain’t We Got Fun review S2 E8

AKA Ain’t We Got Fun was somewhat ironically titled in that it was the oddest and slowest episode of the season.

Most of the fun came from watching Jessica reconnect with the mother she lost 17 years ago. Janet McTeer and Krysten Ritter play off each other well as mother and daughter. I wish this reunion occurred earlier as this season is reaching the point where it’s winding down and there’s no clear villain or purpose. This season was never going to have as menacing and charismatic a villain as Killgrave, but the lack of one til now is too far in the other direction.

But at least there was some quality mother/daughter bonding time and even a nice moment with Oscar.

jessica jones ain't we got fun review - alisa, jessica and oscar

Hogarth’s tedious storyline continued on as she found the healer Inez mentioned. He was locked up and Hogarth offered to represent him if he would heal her. Another icky aspect of Hogarth’s storyline — besides asking the audience to care about the show’s least likable character — is how she’s an analogy to modern day society.

Hogarth is rich so she gets access to the best health care even if it’s magic healers. And there’s just something wrong with Hogarth treating people so disposable. After episodes of build up, Hogarth finally makes a move on Inez so yay?


Thankfully, we’ve got Malcolm to offset Hogarth’s general terribleness. He called Trish out for using Simpson’s never ending power inhaler and wanted no part of being her boy toy. Good for you Malcolm. This would have a lot more meaning if he wasn’t sleeping with a different woman every episode previously.

jessica jones ain't we got fun review - trish and malcolm

Trying to stay busy, Malcolm figured out one of Hogarth’s business partners was still in the closet and a regular at a gay nightclub. But rather than being that dude who blackmails the gay guy, Malcolm simply advises him to tell his wife. And frames Hogarth’s other business partner as his contact. That’s a nice compromise.

Some homophobic tools harass them and Malcolm manages to get some shots in before the numbers game (thanks Michael Cole) gets the better of him. Good thing Trish tracked him down and laid a massive beatdown on the bros. Trish even worked in a Hellcat claw scratch too. I hated that Trish tried to be Malcolm’s pusher woman considering his addict history. Malcolm ran off in a very weird closing segment for their subplot this episode.

jessica jones ain't we got fun review -jessica and dr malus

Ain’t We Got Fun finally worked in some significant drama in its last scene as someone tried to gun down Jessica and Alisa. Maybe it’s Malus who wants to finish tying up his loose ends? Or maybe it’s Cheng who mysteriously vanished after being positioned like a major player this season? Either way, hopefully this starts getting the home stretch of the season rolling.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix