March Bashness 2018 – Meet the Teams

It’s crazy to see how quickly another March rolled out. That means it’s time for March Bashness 2018. Folks seemed to enjoy this and I had fun with all these dream matches and trying to envision how they would play out based on fan votes.

With another year to add to my Mattel collection, that meant adding some figures that completed tag teams as well as new teams in general. Mattel and Wal-Mart completely failed in getting enough of its Then Now Forever Wave 3 line in stores to any abundant amount. I was very curious to see how American Alpha would have fared. Ditto for The Hardy Boyz, whose figures didn’t make retail before the cut-off date. And man, I really hope this is the last year without at least one of these three teams: The Rock N Roll Express, The Midnight Express or The Fabulous Freebirds.

Final note. I didn’t want to just run the same tournament over again with a handful of new teams sprinkled in. So I did a dramatic overhaul of the lineups with a number of teams from March Bashness 2017 — including most of the Final Four — sitting this year out. With a couple of exceptions, I didn’t see a lot of the new teams disrupting the brackets enough without some changes. And this way there’s some fresh blood and unconventional choices.  Enough build-up! Time to meet the March Bashness 2018 competitors.


The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall)

march bashness 2018 - the outsiders

The arrogant and dangerous heart of the n.W.o., Hall & Nash will do anything to achieve victory from running opponents off the road, harassing referees or savagely attacking them in the locker room. And if this towering twosome isn’t able to get the job done on their own, they have a rebellious invasion force at their disposal to propel them to victory.

The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder)

march bashness 2018 - the revival

Save your flips, tricks and fancy gimmicks. Dawson and Wilder don’t need it, don’t care about it and will relentlessly pummel you in order to get a win. The dominant NXT tag team champions have overcome a series of injuries and are now ready to take the Mash Bashness 2018 trophy to cement their status as Top Guys.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust

march bashness 2018 -golddust and cody rhodes

No longer at a crossroads, these two brothers stand firmly united in their efforts to honor their father’s legacy and prove their heart is as big as all of Texas. Don’t underestimate this duo or be prepared for find your dreams shattered.

The Rock n Sock Connection

march bashness 2018 -the rock n sock connection

This oddball combination found a way to co-exist and become an impressive force in the WWE. Chalk it up to their violent and bloody feud over the WWF world title, which led to a begrudging respect and a series of WWF tag team title reigns. With their undeniable charisma any team facing them will find the fans firmly against them as they look to add another memorable component to their life as a tag team.

Team Hell No

march bashness 2018 -team hell no

Daniel Bryan and Kane initially had some chemistry issues that kept them from being on the same page. But after reluctantly agreeing to therapy sessions, the unlikely pair realized they could use their unique blend of technical wrestling and unmatched power to be a dominant duo. Oh Yes!

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

march bashness 2018 -sami zayn and kevin owens

While ditching his generic mask, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have a strong bond based on their early years in the business. Honing their tag team skills in Ring of Honor, the duo has once again reunited to claim another major accolade and prove their movement is only for top tier players. Yup. Yup.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

march bashness 2018 - cesaro and kidd

A fluke led to these aimless stars pairing up, which quickly proved fortuitous for them and bad news for the rest of the tag team division. This mix of power and aerial ability will keep every team on their toes. Fact!

Sting and Lex Luger

wwe elite bash at the beach sting figure review - standing with lex luger

After occasionally teaming and capturing the final Crockett Cup, Sting and Luger reformed their team despite their differences in philosophy. Sting brings a rare combination of power, intensity and aerial tactics while Luger brings the total package of strength and a willingness to do whatever it takes to earn a victory, even if it annoys his partner.

Big Cass and Enzo Amore

WWE Elite Big Cass and Enzo figure review -main pic

Another big man little man team, Enzo and Cass will energize the tournament crowds with their high energy and high impact moves. Enzo brings the guile and charisma while Big Cass provides the power game. Don’t sleep on this dark horse pair. How you doing?

The Corporation: Big Boss Man & Ken Shamrock

march bashness 2018 -big boss man and ken shamrock

The Corporation’s muscle and ferocity. Shamrock is a wrestling machine who’s only weakness is his temper. Boss Man is sneaky, sadistic and a hardcore competitor. These two will break the rules as easily as they break their opponents. And it doesn’t hurt that they have management in their back pocket.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

march bashness 2018 -the shield

Following a years-long bitter rivalry, the former SHIELD mates reunited and returned with a fire and intensity reserved for true hounds of justice. Ambrose’s unpredictability and never say die attitude makes him a tough opponent to keep down and Rollins’ offense is feared for its ability to put opponents on the injured list.

Money Inc.

WWE IRS Mattel Elite figure review -Money Inc

Easily one of the most skilled technical teams in the field, Ted DiBiase and IRS are fully capable of brawling with opponents as needed. And with the sneaky Jimmy Hart on their side, opponents will need to avoid getting written off with a megaphone or a briefcase. March is Money Inc.’s favorite month as that means they get to collect the March Bashness trophy and nab tax cheats in April.

Team Madness

march bashness 2018 -team madness

Macho Man Randy Savage might not be in his physical prime, but he makes up for it with a vicious new demeanor. And that’s not including his Sycho partner whose fully capable of breaking backs and sending opponents out on a stretcher. Oooh yeah.

Bullet Club (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows)

wwe elite 56 karl anderson and luke gallows figure review -celebration pose

The dominant team of New Japan Pro Wrestling comes to March Bashness determined to bring their ruthless gang mentality to shoot down the field and add another trophy to Bullet Club’s already impressive display. Too Sweet!

The Rockers

March Bashness 2017 - The Rockers

One of the quickest teams in the tournament, these tag team specialists look to rebound from what they termed a far too early exit from March Bashness 2017.

Big, Bad and Dangerous

march bashness 2018 -big bad and dangerous

Big Van Vader and Bam Bigelow tried to disrupt March Bashness 2017, but with an entrance into the field this year expect them to unleash their dominating power against any and every team. Don’t be fooled by their size as these former New Japan Pro Wrestling tag team champions aren’t afraid to go to the top rope either.

Batista and Rey Mysterio

march bashness 2018 -batista and rey mysterio

Another classic big and little tag team. Rey Mysterio is the king of lucha and able to pop off dazzling moves faster than opponents can react. And free of being held back in Evolution, Batista has embraced his status as a dominant player capable of defeating any opponent. They may not be on a lot of Final Four predictions, but with the right matchups they could go far.


march bashness 2018 -demolition

With Ax opting to sit out as an advisor, Crush will be Smash’s dedicated partner for March Bashness 2018. What this version of Demolition lacks in terms of experience it makes up for with Crush’s youthfulness, power and desire to prove worthy of his slot. Make no mistake, this version of Demolition might be even more of a threat to go all the way than the original incarnation.

The Enforcers

march bashness 2018 -the enforcers

Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko have gone to war together and are used to surprising foes. Anderson is the best tag team wrestler in the tournament and in Zbyszko, he’s got a partner willing to do anything including crunching hands to advance. This is a dark horse team, but with Anderson, expect The Enforcers to have a surprising tournament run.

Harlem Heat

WWE Elite 46 Harlem Heat figure review - with doo rags and sunglasses

One of the most decorated teams in the tournament, Booker T and Stevie Ray look to avenge their exit in The Unbreakable Eight and go on to raise the March Bashness 2018 trophy. With Booker’s aerial assault, Stevie Ray’s power and the guidance of Sister Sherri, look for Harlem Heat to scorch the field.

The Von Erichs

March Bashness 2017 - Kevin and Kerry Von Erich

Kevin and Kerry Von Erich have endured tremendous challenges in their quest to be atop the wrestling world. They came close to knocking off Demolition in the second round, but ultimately had what many experts called a disappointing early exit. As the winner of the Texas Conference, expect the Von Erichs to have a more favorable seeding and better matchups.

The Hart Foundation

WWE Elite 43 Hart Foundation figures -main pic

Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart come into the tournament with a target on their back as one of the Fatal Four teams returning this year. The spotlight might not matter with the excellence of execution and the brawn and power of The Anvil proving to be one of March Bashness 2018’s toughest outs. They might be a safe bet for a return trip to the Fatal Four and perhaps even further.

Los Guerreros

March Bashness 2017 - Los Guerreros

Another team that had a lengthy tournament run last year. Los Guerreros ran up against the one team sneakier and more devious than them in Edge and Christian. With E&C not participating this year, Los Guerreros might corner the market on cheap, underhanded wins that could take them all the way.

The New Age Outlaws

March Bashness 2017 -The New Age Outlaws

Frustrated by their early exit last year, The Outlaws refined their tag team work and dusted off a new intro. Road Dogg’s freelance style and Billy Gunn’s rarely matched ability should make The Outlaws a tough challenge especially with the threat of the rest of DX always present.

The Wyatt Family

wwe elite 44 braun strowman figure review - wyatt family marches

Bray Wyatt understands the value of keeping the field off guard. He successfully lobbied tournament officials to keep the two men representing the Wyatt Family a mystery. This makes planning for the Wyatts a dangerous proposition as opponents could face any combination of the skilled Luke Harper, unpredictable Erik Rowan, the monstrous Braun Strowman or even Wyatt himself.

Nasty Boys

March Bashness 2017 - The Nasty Boys

The Jersey City boys are ready to get nasty and take their opponents to Pit City. Expect these two to take brawling to new levels and trash the opposition, provided they can avoid getting themselves disqualified. If they can stay within some semblance of the rules, The Nasty Boys could manage to make a surprising amount of damage in the field.

The Legion of Doom

march bashness 2018 -the legion of doom

With a new lease on their collective tag life and more colorful attire, Hawk and Animal look to rebound from losing in the March Bashness 2017 finals. Still considered by many to be the preeminent tag team on the planet, the LOD is in full-on revenge mode, which won’t make things any easier for their opponents.

The New Day

wwe elite 52 new day figure review -main pic of kofi kingston and xavier woods

The first No. 1 seed to get eliminated in MB 2017, New Day looks to rebound and make use of rule flexibility by not designating competitors for their tournament matches. Whirling dervish Kofi Kingston and the vastly improved Xavier Woods have tuned the band up and ready to show the field that New Day rocks.

Natural Disasters

WWE Elite Natural Disasters figure reviews -main pic

Earthquake and Typhoon narrowly lost to The New Age Outlaws last year and have been causing tremors to get another tournament berth. The tournament’s largest team could shake up the entire field if they get favorable match-ups as no team can match their power. This duo doesn’t need the stamina to battle in lengthy matches as they can end contests as soon as they get hold of their opponents.

The Dudley Boyz

WWE Elite 45 The Dudley Boyz figure review - Dudley Boyz main pic

These first-ballot Hall of Famers have their tables prepped and ready for a lengthy run in the tournament. Bubba Ray and Devon have faced off against and beaten the best teams of their generation. Now they pit their legacy against some of the best all-time teams for the March Bashness 2018 trophy, which is the only missing accolade in their trophy case.

Vitamin C

march bashness 2018 - vitamin c

Chris Jericho and Christian are set to pack some Canadian punch to MB 2018. The skilled tag team wrestlers have won gold with numerous partners, but these two share a mutual interest in and appreciation for honor, prestige and bragging rights. For some teams, this much confidence in their abilities is unwarranted, but for Vitamin C it’s not bragging if you can back it up and advance farther in the tournament.

The Usos

usos march bashness 2018

Following their early elimination last year, Jimmy and Jey went back to basics with a refocused drive and desire to be the best. That has led them on a tear and a legit claim as the best tag team of their generation who’s been down since Day 1. With some of the quickest superkicks and splashes in the business only matched by their indomitable desire not to lose in any setting, the Usos stand a great chance of claiming the March Bashness 2018 trophy.