LMF Podcast Episode 21 Jessica Jones Season 2, Tomb Raider, Toys R Us Farewell

For Episode 21, we’re breaking down Jessica Jones Season 2, Tomb Raider, Walking Dead and a lot more.

In Episode 21, talk what’s worked and what hasn’t with Jessica Jones Season 2 and the seeming lack of buzz for the latest Marvel Netflix show. Has the thrill gone?

Also, we take a look at Tomb Raider and our excitement level for the latest reboot of the popular game series. Was it really needed and how many of the guys are excited about checking it out.

Download the episode here.


We break down our thoughts on Black Lightning and The Walking Dead and the worst character right now on The Flash.

Plus, I give a special tribute to my favorite store the soon to be departed Toys R Us.

It’s all here and more on Episode 21.

Photo Credit: Netflix