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DC Comics reviews for 3/21/18

Batman: Sins of the Father #2

batman sins of the father #2

There’s so much possibilities in this series and it’s fun to see an alternate Batman story take so many interesting chances.

This issue largely revolves around Batman’s first encounter in the Telltale Series universe with Deadshot. But the master assassin isn’t tangling with Batman alone and has another assassin sidekick that’s a fun and surprising inclusion in the story. That’s the kind of freedom writer Christos Gage has here as he’s not limited to too much continuity baggage.

Sins of the Father is a fun additional glimpse of the Batman universe where Thomas Wayne might have been the biggest criminal in all of Gotham City. Gage is exploring in greater depth what that means for Bruce Wayne who so desperately wants to prove he’s not like his father in both of his masks.


Artist Raffaele Ienco isn’t worried about retaining the visual style of the video game series and that’s for the best. His grittier, more detailed style makes more sense in a comic than the streamlined Telltale designs.

The issue ends on an oddly flat note, but there was more than enough action earlier to make up for the low-key cliffhanger. For fans of the game this new development will have a greater significance than regular Batman fans who won’t get the big deal. Sins of the Father is delivering on its promise to expand the Batman Telltale Series universe in a thoughtful and entertaining fashion.

Rating: 9 out of 10