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DC Comics reviews for 3/21/18

Damage #3

damage #3

What I like so much about Damage so far is that it’s a simple book that doesn’t need to be anything more than a dude trying to control the monster within. He can’t help it if his exploits keep bringing him unwanted attention like the Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and the entire Justice League.

With issue #3, writer Robert Venditti starts establishing the overall tone of the book as Damage is now on everyone’s radar. But now Damage is aware of his actions and doesn’t want any parts of being anyone else’s weapon. That includes Col. Jonas or Amanda Waller who takes the if I can’t have him no one will approach or the Justice League, who simply sees a dangerous weapon that needs to be taken down. There’s an interesting twist on the Hulk dynamic as both Ethan and Damage can speak to the other and influence their actions.


Most of the issue was a slugfest with Wonder Woman and Damage. Wonder Woman was a smart choice for an A-list cameo. Superman would try and reason the entire issue with Damage. Wonder Woman? She’ll start off diplomatic before getting into warrior mode. It’s a fun throw down of two immensely powerful characters.

I always thought Tony Daniel drew the Justice League members, particularly the female characters, too slender during his stint. Daniel must have refined his style slightly as this was some of the best Wonder Woman action scenes I’ve read in a while. In general, Daniel’s art has been an improvement over just some of his DC Rebirth work.

Damage is really proving to be a nice welcome surprise. It’s not shaking up the DC Universe, but it’s a very competently and enjoyably crafted book. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a book that does its job well.

Rating: 9 out of 10