Jessica Jones AKA Pray for My Patsy review S2 E12

Pray for My Patsy continued its journey of making one of Jessica Jones’ best supporting characters into its most frustrating. For most of the episode I kept wondering why Jessica was going through so much crap for such a lousy friend. And by the end I was firmly on Team Alisa.

Correctly convinced that Trish is responsible for her life going to the toilet, Alisa is on a womanhunt. It was a little too convenient that every time she calmed down she saw another Trish trigger whether a bus stop ad or anytime she looked at the TV.

Thanks to Dorothy blabbering about Trish’s location, Alisa finally has a lead. I go back and forth with Dorothy as a character. She is kind of awful in how she views Trish, but she seems to come from a good place at least. The show probably needs more of her as who else could convincingly pull off the Pray for My Patsy line? It seemed like the writers didn’t do enough with the Trish and Jessica’s mothers are monsters theme. I do worry that the Dorothy/Trish/Jessica dynamic is going to be even more aggravating if it stays this way for Season 3.


Alisa gets to Trish’s hospital room seconds after Jessica and is already on full rage mode, but Jessica talks her down. And then Costa and Sunday arrive to mess everything up. Alisa takes Sunday for a stroll…outside the window. Does Alisa have a thing against black women? That’s the second one she’s killed in as many episodes.

Jessica’s devotion to Trish is getting confusing. It’s not like this season hasn’t already poked some major holes in their childhood relationship and Jessica seems to jaded to be sentimental about a toxic friendship. Sister like or not. Of course when Trish wakes up she’s still on her foolishness blaming Jessica for robbing her of the chance to be special. Jessica immediately gets on the defensive and it just comes off so silly. Maybe Jessica should just cut Trish out as quickly as she did Malcolm?

Trish does have a good point in questioning how many people will die because Jessica failed to act. That’s a common theme in both Jessica Jones seasons. If she killed Killgrave mid-season 1 the body count would have been dramatically lower. Now, Alisa is racking up kills because Jessica is so indecisive. It’s getting harder to buy Jessica’s hard-edged shtick when she always freezes up and makes poor choices when the game is on the line.


As much as I’ve hated how Jessica has acted this season, Krysten Ritter has been outstanding. This was another great performance and she has killed it every episode. I wish the material was as strong as her performance.

The episode wraps with Jessica’s inability to act once again screws her over. Despite having Alisa at gunpoint, Jessica won’t stop and shoot her mom. Instead, Jessica lowers the gun and Alisa promptly knocks her out. And takes her on a road trip in her RV.

I’ve been amazed at how invested the writers think we are in Hogarth’s subplot. She’s not this sympathetic character so her getting screwed over doesn’t mean anything. The only worthwhile moment in Hogarth’s appearance here was Turk showed up. I’m always down for a scene with the Netflix Coulson. Hogarth tracked down her pawned off items and manipulated Inez into killing Shane. Yay Hogarth? Sorry, but this subplot never connected and felt like a major waste of time.

Case Closed: Pray for My Patsy suffered from Jessica being tough with everyone except the two characters who needed it most. Hogarth’s subplot got resolved without much satisfaction as the season limps to the finish line.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

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