March Bashness 2018 – Vote now to decide who Survives Supreme 16

The opening round of March Bashness 2018 was full of surprises. Now let’s see what you all have in mind with the Supreme 16. There’s some good match-ups here and some potential upsets. At least one of the matches might be a blowout with the winner getting in the high 90s. The rest? It’s all up to you.

In case you missed the earlier post, here’s how the March Bashness 2018 1st Round played out.

North Region

I don’t really like The Enforcers’ chances, but stranger things have already happened so far in the tournament.

Rock n Sock have a tough challenge, but they do have the advantage of The Rock who’s already proven he can beat the Dudleys by himself. If Rock n Sock can get past the LOD, they have a great shot at making it to the Fatal Four.

East Region

Sting and Luger are battle tested and pose one of the biggest challenges in the tournament to The Hart Foundation. This should be a good match-up.

Money Inc looks to cash in on Demolition, but will they go bankrupt?

West Region

I’m probably not going to be the mortgage on The Nasty Boys…

Which team can lie, cheat and steal their way to the next round?

South Region

Harlem Heat and The Rockers could be the sleeper match of the tournament. I’m curious how this one plays out.

The Outlaws are going to need every trick in their book to get past out shoot Bullet Club.

I’ll have the Supreme 16 results up by Tuesday. So vote quickly!