Black Lightning Equinox: The Book of Fate review S1 E7

Equinox: The Book of Fate was a pretty significant game changer for Black Lightning. A pair of major supporting players got taken off the board in what will undoubtedly lead to some significant repercussions. And status quo for the Pierce family was also dramatically altered as the big mystery of the season continues to unfold.

I appreciate the writing on this show so much. The characters don’t behave stupidly for the sake of dragging out storylines. They act reasonably and even if you don’t agree with their choices, they at least make sense.

When Gambi started acting shifty, Jefferson’s lightning sense flared up and he realized he couldn’t trust him anymore. This didn’t take weeks and weeks of shady behavior. Jefferson didn’t wait for some ultimate betrayal. The moment he realized Gambi was flaking out he bounced.

black lightning equinox the book of fate review - lady eve and gambi

Jefferson’s rationale for keeping Anissa out of the other family business made sense too. All season, Anissa has been a bit of a hothead who frequently made rash decisions. Jefferson can’t trust her to make the right call on the streets because she rarely shows that composure in her regular life. But if Jefferson trains her…

Lynn made some major concessions this week too. It was bad enough when Jefferson was running around as a hero, but now with Anissa thirsting to make a difference, Lynn knew she was facing a losing battle. Ultimately, she decided it made more sense to have Jefferson train her and have Gambi design her a suit than hope some convincing words about a hero’s sacrifice would deter Anissa. That shows impressive character growth in just seven episodes.


More importantly, it spares Lynn from being the cliche parent who doesn’t want their child to be a hero. This should go a long way to establishing a fresh dynamic for the family. My only problem was there’s no valid reason to keep Jennifer out the loop now. I’m glad the writers allowed Lynn to quickly connect the dots and want to test Jennifer out for powers too. That’s a more proactive approach than we see normally.

With the Pierce family drama heating up, the show has gotten a little bit away from Jefferson’s school subplots. It wasn’t long, but I liked the scene with Jefferson and teacher talking to a troublesome student. We really don’t see a lot of shows where two black men are encouraging a younger black man to do better with his life.

black lightning equinox the book of fate review -anissa

Gambi has gone from an annoying sidekick to one of the show’s most intriguing characters. He’s in bed deep with Lady Eve and her plots and it appears only the Pierce family is off limits. Gambi seemingly could care less about anyone else evidenced as he gunned down Tobias’ right hand man Joey Toledo.

But what is his motivation to helping Jefferson out as Black Lightning? And is he playing both sides for his own gain? I love that the show is subverting the notion of the sidekick helper character. BTW, I loved The Chapelle Show reference of Tobias being a habitual line stepper. That cracked me up.

Picking up on one of my questions from last week, Jefferson also noticed Tobias didn’t age. So that’s intentional and not a mistake. Excellent. Having the flashback of Jefferson’s father getting killed while Black Lightning was on a rooftop was a rare misstep as that exact setup was used last week.

black lightning equinox the book of fate review -lady eve

This time, Black Lightning didn’t get called away and confronted Tobias. At the same time, Tobias and Tori’s plan to get payback on Lady Eve was playing out. It seemed like a simple two-man hit and I was a little disappointed Tobias only sent two dudes to kill someone he could not afford to have escape, but the third man in the coffin was a terrific touch. Tobias is a major force though since he’s equipping his gang with Force Lightning. Goon No. 3 roasted Lady Eve so not only did he kill off his main crime lord rival, he also set up Black Lightning. Now the cops, including Henderson, are gunning for him.

But Tobias might want to settle his own score with Black Lightning. During their fight, BL reflected gunfire and some ricocheted and killed Tori. If Tobias was a pain before, he is going to be unstoppable now.

Just when it seemed like Equinox had finished delivering, we got a crazy final scene where Lala is resurrected? And LaWanda, his final victim had something to do with it!

File Closed: Equinox: The Book of Fate was another amazing installment for Black Lightning as it shows continued growth and potential for the rest of the season.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10

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