Funko POP! The Rock figure review – WWE No. 46

Avoiding Funko POP! figures was becoming more and more a losing proposition. They were hitting all of my pop culture favorites and after awhile it was starting to be silly to act like I wasn’t eventually going to collect them. To kick things off, I decided to start with one of my all-time favorite wrestlers. Let’s see if the POP! The Rock will kick me into a full-blown POP! obsession.

Packaging:  Funko has a simple style to make it easy to identify the figures and respective brands. The helpful numbering up front shows Funko Rock is No. 46 in the WWE line.

I appreciate the back of the package shows an actual picture of The Rock although surprisingly it’s not one of him in his non ring wear.

Likeness:  I always love seeing how Funko adds the respective personal touches to their style. With Funko it’s the matter of what details can be included to immediately make this figure identifiable to fans?

Funko Pop! WWE The Rock figure review - head to the right

Some characters don’t make it as easy as others, but The Rock has a lot of fun elements to make The Great One instantly recognizable.

From the cropped hairstyle with sideburns, the sculpted sunglasses and $5,000 open shirt and snazzy slacks, this is the Attitude Era Rock in all his glory.


Scale:  POP! Rock is the standard size. Funko will make figures shorter or smaller as needed, which isn’t in this case.

Paint:  It’s crazy the amount of detail packed in this smaller scale. Rock wore flashy expensive shirts and Funko recreated that look pretty well. The sleeve lining doesn’t quite line up properly and there’s some minor slop around the belt with both black and orange running over, but you’ll need to look very closely to spot it.

The paint also covers another essential element of The Rock with his signature People’s Eyebrow.

Articulation:  POP! aren’t overflowing with articulation. The Rock can turn his head, which in his case actually conveys more of his personality.

Funko Pop! WWE The Rock figure review - head to the left

Accessories:  Since this is non-wrestling gear Rock, I wish Funko included a microphone. Rock was known for his amazing promos when delivered some of the most iconic

Worth it?  I got Rock for $9. Sometimes you can catch POP! figures cheaper, but that’s not a bad price.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Funko Pop! WWE The Rock figure review - with Mattel Elite The Rock figure

Where to get it?  I grabbed this POP! Rock from FYE. Amazon has different Rock variants as well.