Marvel Legends Scarlet Spider-Man figure review

I came up with the bright idea of doing figure reviews in late 2015. That left figures I was planning to open getting pushed back for newer figures. Scarlet Spider-Man has been one of those long-delayed figures even though I knew I’d really like him when I finally got around to him. And as usual for Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line, this is another figure that strongly delivers.

Package:  Scarlet Spider-Man is so old he didn’t even get the character specific package portrait. The sides feature a generic Spider-Man drawing and he’s got a streamlined bio.

marvel legends scarlet spider-man figure review -package bio

The package presentation is solid though with the figure neatly lined up and the accessories fleshing out the other half. It’s fine, but nothing that’s too exciting.

Likeness:  Maybe it’s just my preference to hoodies, but I’ve always liked Scarlet Spider-Man’s costume. Like the 90s take on Superboy, it had the perfect marriage of 90s attitude with enough classic sensibilities. In this case, it’s the sweatshirt with the off-center Spider-Man logo combined with the exterior web shooters, utility belt and ankle pouches. This design reeks of 90s costume design, but I love it.

marvel legends scarlet spider-man figure review -wide shot

Someone at Hasbro must as well as the figure looks great. The sweatshirt has just the right amount of wrinkles and the hoodie strings hang in a natural way despite being a tad too big. The web shooters look terrific and the belt and pouches have a surprising amount of detail. This wasn’t a slapped together figure and the effort and attention is evident.

marvel legends scarlet spider-man figure review -spider-man 2099 and spider-man

Scale:  Hasbro has found a good scale for the Spider-Man figures and Scarlet Spider-Man is no different clocking in shorter and slimmer than other characters.


Paint:  There’s not a ton of heavy paint demands here. The things worth paying attention to are the eyes, the logo and the pouch buckles. I like how the silver on the web shooters, belt and buckles pops.

marvel legends scarlet spider-man figure review -crawling

Articulation:  Hasbro continues to tinker with and improve the articulation for Spider-Man figures. It makes the constant updates worth picking up. Despite not being as hyper articulated as some of the more recent Spider-Man figures, Scarlet Spider-Man boasts the same terrific articulation that allows for some fun, creative posing.

marvel legends scarlet spider-man figure review -crouching

Scarlet Spider-Man has:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Biceps
  • Elbows (double-jointed)
  • Torso
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees (double-jointed)
  • Ankles

marvel legends scarlet spider-man figure review -taking on beetle

Accessories:  Scarlet Spider-Man comes with arguably the most essential part of the Build-A-Figure Rhino — the head or in this case, heads. Rhino gets two portraits, a half-masked version that I don’t remember ever seeing him with (likely a modern update) and a classic yelling head sculpt. Given Rhino’s more aggressive nature, I don’t mind the angry head sculpt as it makes sense for most action shot poses.

marvel legends scarlet spider-man figure review -shooting webs

Additionally, Scarlet Spider-Man gets all the useful alternate hands from a wall crawling set, fists and web-slinging. Hard to complain when all the essentials are included.

marvel legends scarlet spider-man figure review -accessories in tray

Worth it?  A surprising amount of Marvel Legends that are over two years old can be expensive on the secondary market. I got Scarlet Spider as part of a great sale and picked him up for $12. Anytime you’re spending under $15 for Marvel Legends figures you’re coming out ahead and I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth.

marvel legends scarlet spider-man figure review -vs shocker

Rating: 10 out of 10

For what this figure is, there’s no issues with him. You might gripe about the design, but Hasbro executed him flawlessly.

marvel legends scarlet spider-man figure review - vs sandman

Where to Get It?  Try eBay first. You can find a MOC version for under $25 in a lot of cases, If that’s not your thing you can always find one on